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About Us

Team Cordwood Started basically as a dig at one of the members of our 4 Man team. A comment was made that the fish were stacked up like "Cordwood". Member one we'll call him, who no longer fishes the tournament (not because of this by the way) had never heard the term "Cordwood". The Tournament director (and brother in law of we'll say team member two, which in this case proved to be the demise of Member one ) was just relentless in his razzing him for not knowing this. Upon weigh in the tournament director announced "Looks like Team Cordwood has a bag of fish." From then on, we have been known as Team Cordwood.

As time went on and to this day Team Cordwood has formed into as much a community as it is an actual team. Let's face it the "Team" is whoever is Fishing or Hunting with us! As of now we are trying to spread the "Team Cordwood" spirit if you will, a belief that we leave wherever we are a little cleaner, a little better if possible and show respect not only for the land owners, directors, other Anglers/Hunters, but for Nature as well, all the while giving thanks for the Great Outdoors and the Fellowship that has been created for us.