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Posted by Bob Pople - Co-Owner on 6/6/2016 to News

So in an effort to continuously bring you innovations that keep our products fresh, we added a little something to 2 of our products. First we added a HDPE tube over the center of the handle straps to make it even more comfortable on the ol' Paws! What the heck is HDPE well since my day job is a Plumber...It's PEX Pipe, used as a replacement for copper. The great thing is that it is durable and it won't crack in the cold like hard ABS handles nor will it fall apart like some of the rubber covers! Overall it's a great improvement and just another way to better our product.
   The second and just as notable improvement is still in the design phase but lets be honest....we've been doing this awhile now, it won't take long (he says with a visible bead of sweat forming on his forehead). We are redesigning the latch for the PFS or Pedestal Fishing System. As of now we have been using a simple lever latch, but it is a time consuming process to get it installed correctly, and it relies on a post & screw to attach it to the box. This could in certain scenarios, well COME UNSCREWED! so to avoid this hindrance we are pre-making them on  a small plate that we will weld onto the box. This allows for accurate pivot points and lets face it usually was the last thing installed...if I had the shakes or my crook eye was acting up well the box could be toast in a millisecond! And that my friends is why stuff get broke in our shop....we just can't have nice things! All in all you will get a more reliable latch, that when opened should stay up on its own and overall add to the structural integrity of the PFS. There you have it, stay tuned for more improvements as they come!

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