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The Newest and Possibly Final Lid

Posted by B0mbardo on 1/24/2017 to News
   So if you have followed us at all you know Coach and I are not particularly fond of lids on our own personal boxes. As a matter of fact we originally did not have a lid solution until it was requested by one of  our Awesome clients. Since then we have toiled to find the right material. We have tried several, and due to legalities it cannot be clear. This has been an issue as just using the same Polycarbonate we build the boxes out of would be a breeze.
   Fast forward to just last week and we came across something from our supplier! Opaque Polycarbonate! So we got some black, and let me tell you it was glorious. the lid went together in at least half the time as the previous material which was sheet PVC. So not only does it manufacture like butter it looks BADASS!

  So we will be looking for more colors to further customize the lid options for all boxes but as you can see this is pretty cool.So stay tuned for more updates and general badassery to come!

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